“Dangers of Air Purifiers” In The Media

Often time’s articles are published regarding “Dangers from Popular Air Purifying Machines”.

There will always be ozone critics and rightly so. In a “HIGH” concentration, ozone is very irritating and can even be unhealthy.

Water is also a problem when its concentration is too high. It causes death by drowning, mudslides, property damage, and disruption of public and private activities. Ingesting too much water at one time can be poisonous. Fire fits into the same category. We need fire for all of its practical benefits but we hate it when it attacks our forests and homes. Sunlight has good and bad extremes, as well.

Critics like to overlook the positive aspects of ozone. They cannot dispute the fact that ozone is a natural constituent of our atmosphere. In fact, the missing ozone in our atmosphere (the ozone hole) poses significant health hazards for the earth’s human and animal population. Critics cannot dispute that ozone is a strong oxidizer. Nor can they deny that ozone – in appropriate levels – is “safe” and gives air a freshness quality that is universally beneficial and appreciated.

Everyone likes the air freshness that we associate with thunderstorms. We all like the freshness that is common to beaches, islands, golf courses, forests, and mountainous areas. There are safe ozone type air purifiers on the market that replicate mountain fresh air-conditions in homes. Millions of satisfied customers have proven the safety and effectiveness of these types of purifiers.

One statement that critics often say is “…ozone, the same chemical that the ARB and the USEPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) have been trying to eliminate from our air for decades…” The truth is that these agencies have never set a goal to eliminate ozone from our air. They’ve identified ozone in HIGH levels as an irritating component of city pollution and tried to control the excesses. To say they wanted to “eliminate” ozone would be like trying to eliminate humidity from the air as a precaution against flooding. It’s simply wrong! Even when ozone levels are high outdoors, they still tend to be low indoors. Ozone MUST be continually replaced through solar influence (or through an air purifier) or life on earth would not exist!

Again, ozone is needed to sustain life on earth. To condemn ozone because of the HIGH levels often found in man made smog would be like ingesting an entire bottle of pills, then condemning the drug as being dangerous.

Even OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) cites the risk of over exposure to one of the most basic elements of life, Oxygen. Too high a percentage of Oxygen causes weakness, fatigue, pain in joints and muscles, numbness and tingling in arms and legs, palpitations, headache, nasal congestion, ear disturbances, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fever and swelling of mucous membranes. Does this mean that we should stop breathing Oxygen? Per OSHA, Like Oxygen, Ozone at “excessive” levels has its downfalls too and can cause headaches, throat and nasal dryness, bronchitis, decreased pulmonary function capacity, and other respiratory ailments. Common sense tells us that too much of anything is typically not good!

The most irritating constituents of smog are hydrocarbon molecules from cars, sulphur and nitrogen compounds from industry, and smoke-type pollutants from all sources. Using the sun’s energy, nature reacts to these compounds by increasing the air’s ozone concentrations. The process is easy to explain. In a smoggy situation, the increased HIGH levels of ozone (while it is irritating to humans at these levels) actually helps oxidize away the aforementioned hydrocarbons, sulpher compounds, and nitrogen compounds. This situation is similar to the body’s immune system responding with an elevated white blood cell count to fight an infection. Nature’s way to combat pollution is an increased ozone concentration. Yet there are also many benefits that can be experienced at low safe levels of ozone.

In 2000, a study supported by the California Air Resources Board (under the auspices of the Long-Term Exposure Health Effects Research Program) regarding the effects of Air Pollution on children’s lung function growth determined that “ozone did not play a major role in the pollution’s effects on children’s lungs. Instead, the offenders were nitrogen dioxide, microscopic particles known as particulate matter, and acid vapors. All come directly or indirectly from the burning of fossil fuels (the exhaust from a car or truck, for example), as well as from emissions from industrial plants and other sources.” The studies lead author was W. James Gauderman, Ph.D., USC assistant professor of preventive medicine. Many experts have singled out ozone for criticism for fifty years because ozone is so easy to measure and is an easy “escape goat” that takes the focus off of the real problem that caused the smog to begin with! Rather than being an “original constituent” of smog, ozone simply appears as nature’s response to combat the higher concentrations of the other chemicals in static atmospheric conditions.

A proper beneficial setting for home ozone air purifiers units would produce an indoor ozone level of .02 to .04 parts per million-well below what some governments have established as a safe level (up to .05 ppm). Criticisms in many articles cite much higher concentrations and the interesting thing is they never even mention what the safe limit is. Doing so would remove the controversy of their articles. Controversy is what sells and that is why ozone critics love to feature ozone as a “bad guy”! In a nutshell, good news is no news and that is why you generally will never hear news reporters promoting it as a good thing!

The greatest opportunity that many reporters are missing is the fact that the real controversy would be in revealing the “truth” to the public about why many agencies unethically downplay ozone. Approaching the controversy from this angle would allow reporters to still have their “controversial edge” and most importantly at the same time maintain their integrity. Hopefully in time as more and more people become educated on the importance and benefits of ozone, reporters will recognize that the “truth angle” is their biggest market and their true wild card!

Many customers of ozone type air purifiers have used them safely in their homes for over twenty years, and more. Some have had babies that are now teenagers. Those children have breathed “ozone purified air” every day of their life and have reaped the positive benefits of doing so-with no negative effects!

The bottom line is this… At the end of the day the truth will still be there. Any reporter, politician or agency that deliberately denies or holds back the truth (both sides of the story) about ozone or any other helpful life-changing substance, product or information for their own gain, will ultimately be exposed in the end!

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